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    Pipe and Spooling APPLICATIONS

    LJ Welding provides innovative automation equipment to help our clients achieve higher productivity rates, shave fabrication costs, and minimize risks in pipe fabrication facilities.

    Semi-Automated Pipe Welding Cells

    Semi-automated pipe welding cells decrease human error and create a process that is considerably faster than welding manually. LJ's pipe welding cells reduce waste, material handling times, and boost deposition rates. The result is a fast, efficient process that is less expensive for our clients.

    welding manipulator and tank turning rolls Nigeria Nigeria flag Turnkey Subarc Welding Manipulator & Turning Rolls welding manipulator with pipe turning rolls United States Semi-Automated Pipe Alignment Rolls & Welding Manipulator Reduce Riser Pipe Double Jointing Cycle Times By 65% Canada Spooling Facility Reduces Fit Up Time From Hours To Minutes Using Headstock Positioner & Turning Rolls


    LJ’s turnkey column and boom welding manipulator systems increase pipe welding and spooling productivity for our customers, resulting in improved cycle times, enhanced and consistent weld quality, and bottom line profitability.

    subarc welding manipulator system with vessel turning rolls Canada Canadian flag Turnkey Subarc Welding Cell & Training

    Pipe Fit-Up Solutions

    LJ Welding Automation offers solutions that minimize risks and errors during pipe fabrication fit-ups. With better controls to enable perfect rotation and pipe alignment, fit-ups run smoothly with minimal interruptions and provide reliable, high-quality end results. Fit-up solutions reduce overhead crane dependency, improve pipe cycle times, and profit margins for each job.

    pipe rotators Alberta Alberta CASE STUDIES: Welding Automation for Oilsands Applications

    Positioning Solutions

    Positioning solutions are often the single biggest improvement in which welding fabrication facilities can invest to upgrade production, reduce pipe welding times, improve welding comfort, ease of use, and workers' safety. 

    pipe welding positioner New York, United States of America

    Pipe Welding Robotics Solutions

    Automated pipe welding robotics delivers greater throughput and consistent quality while reducing labor and rework costs. Our sophisticated pipe welding robotics solutions enable more dexterity and reach at higher deposition levels producing consistent, high-quality welds all day long.

    welding robot with pipe positioner Canada Canadian company Robotic Welding For Full Root, Fill & Cap Welding Of Pressure Pipe
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