12-Ton Pipe Alignment Rolls for sale

View the High Production Pipe Double Jointing System Video Below:

alignment rolls

LJ pipe alignment turning rolls are designed for specialty applications where pipe or vessels require precise, fast alignment and fine leveling for fit-up and welding, and offer compensation for inconsistencies in shop floor or ground.

LJ’s 12TS-100/200 is often used in pipe double-jointing systems for maximum efficiency and safety, with up to 65% decrease in fit up cycle times. It adjusts the wheel centerline settings automatically when the vessel is lowered on the turning rolls and provides a side shift for a fast fit up. Vessel pipe alignment rolls provide constant centerline capabilities that make set-up and alignment quick and easy, which makes the workflow more efficient turning an 8-hour job into a 2-hour job. Pipe alignment turning roll 12TS-100/200 reduces worker fatigue as well as provides a secure way to position cylindrical parts.

12TS-100/200 offers a load capacity of up to 12 tons. This load capacity is evenly distributed on an idler and driver which creates a great balance of the workpiece when it is rotated. Pipe alignment turning rolls for welding are adaptive to a wide range of workpieces without a need for a separate adjustment. They also enable constant rotation speeds and maintain a constant centerline when rotating workpieces that are unbalanced, thin-walled and/or heavy, and have diameters ranging from just 6 inches, all the way up to 96 inches. Finally, we offer various accessories and options that can be incorporated into a customer’s demand.

If you’re looking for a pipe alignment equipment with different technical specs, make sure to check out other products by LJ Welding e.g. 20TSR-100/200 20-ton pipe alignment turning rolls.