20-Ton Used Pipe Alignment Roll Set For Sale 

View the High Production Pipe Double Jointing System Video Below: 

alignment rolls

LJ’s Pipe Alignment rolls serve as a solution for welding applications that require precise rotation, fast alignment, and fine leveling. They also easily adjust to the terrain and any inconsistencies on the shop floor.

Alignment rolls are ideal for fast and precise alignment of pipe or vessel. 20TSR-100/200 often used in pipe double-jointing systems for maximum efficiency and safety, with up to 65% decrease in fit up cycle times. Our pipe alignment systems provide constant centerline capabilities that make set-up and alignment quick and easy, which could make the workflow more efficient and turn an 8-hour job into a 2-hour job.

LJ’s Pipe Alignment rolls are adaptive to a wide range of workpieces without a need for a separate adjustment. They also enable constant rotation speeds and maintain a constant centerline when rotating workpieces that are unbalanced, thin-walled and/or heavy, and have diameters ranging from just 6 inches, all the way up to 60 inches, with a weight up to 20 tons. Our alignment rolls come with urethane wheels that protect and grip the workpiece. Other standard features include height adjustability for safe and stable clearance of fittings and wheeled base compatibility for track mount installations. 

If you’re looking for a pipe alignment equipment with different technical specs, make sure to check out other products by LJ Welding e.g. 12TS-100/200 20-ton pipe alignment turning rolls.