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LJ Welding Automation

GE Healthcare Cuts MRI Cycle Times By 55%, Halving Labor Needed With Fully Automated System

Posted by Darragh Grove-White on Apr 17, 2019 12:06:23 PM


The Situation

GE Healthcare is a $19 billion healthcare business of General Electric. They are a leading provider of medical imaging, monitoring, bio-manufacturing, cell and gene therapy technologies. Due to GE Healthcare's global and competitive manufacturing nature, they adhere to stringent regulatory requirements. This leaves little room for error. The end-products are highly valuable and rework issues are costly. 

GE Healthcare's parent company, General Electric, had been under pressure over the last few years to strengthen its balance sheet and improve or sell-off its least profitable businesses. After being unceremoniously taken off of the iconic Dow Jones industrial average, of which GE was a founding member of in 1896, anxieties about the company's future became apparent.    

GE Healthcare was considered profitable, but a looming spin off of the health-care business over the next 18 months meant it was going to be "sink or swim," and Production Leader Aubrey Calhoun and his team weren't taking any chances. GE Healthcare went straight to work exploring options for lean production, single piece flow material handling for one of its most time and resource intensive products: the 5.5 tonne helium vessel constructed out of aluminum used in MRIs.


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Practicing What We Preach: How One Material Handling Improvement Increased Throughput by 66%

Posted by Clayton Orlowski on May 17, 2018 3:51:52 PM


LJ Welding Automation makes world-class material handling and welding automation equipment. Today LJ uses the very material handling and welding automation equipment they build in their own in-house manufacturing process.

The 30P pipe welding positioner is one of LJ's most popular welding positioners. The positioner head weighs more than 500lbs. With its awkward shape and weight, repositioning the positioner head was cumbersome, time consuming and created safety hazards.

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Should You Invest In Variable/Fixed Height Tank Turning Rolls?

Posted by Laurie McCurdy on Mar 7, 2018 8:08:29 AM


Automation has been called the future of the welding industry. As technology continues to advance and develop, new types of equipment arrive on the market with different features and at varying costs. Variable and fixed height turning rolls are among LJ Welding Automation’s most popular products. Considering the advantages they bring to your business, these machines are an ideal first step to automation and should be a staple in most, if not all, welding shops.

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