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Case Studies

Tripling Production Efficiency with LJ's Pipe Titan Welding System

LJ Welding was recently tasked with building a pipe welding system to improve throughput, quality and safety. Cleaver-Brooks, a global provider of efficient and integrated boiler room solutions for applications of any size, approached LJ Welding..

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Pipe Mill Invests in LJ Inside Diameter (ID) SAW System

A steel pipe mill has invested in LJ’s small bore, inside welding system. This pipe mill needed a submerged arc welding (SAW) process..

How Small Business can Implement Welding Automation

Our global team has developed and manufactured welding automation products and material handling systems in over 55 countries around the..

GE Healthcare Cuts MRI Cycle Times By 55%, Halving Labor Needed With Fully Automated System

Choosing The Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

After extensive proposal reviews, GE Healthcare chose Praxair USA as the..

Practicing What We Preach: How One Material Handling Improvement Increased Throughput by 66%

LJ Welding Automation makes world-class material handling and welding automation equipment. Today LJ uses the very material handling and..

Should You Invest In Variable/Fixed Height Tank Turning Rolls?

Automation has been called the future of the welding industry. As technology continues to advance and develop, new types of equipment..

How To Reduce Pipe Joining Times By 50%: 10TMR Double Jointing System

Pipe and vessel fabrication will never be the same again. LJ has recently delivered the innovative 10TMR Pipe Double Jointing System to a..

In-House Subarc Cladding System Hacks Major Expense For Pipe Mill


A steel pipe mill had been outsourcing a hard surfacing (cladding) application for one of their highest use wear parts, an..

Robotic Welding For Full Root, Fill & Cap Welding Of Pressure Pipe

The Situation

A major energy company with pipe fabrication facilities located in a remote area of Alberta, Canada, approached LJ for a..

Honing Equipment Manufacturer Bores Custom Pipe Rollers For Sub-Assembly Job


A pipe honing equipment manufacturer required a highly customized, sub-assembly pipe roller system to be integrated within a..