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LJ Welding Automation

How To Reduce Pipe Joining Times By 50%: 10TMR Double Jointing System

Posted by Ryan Holt P.Eng & Rob Stewart on Jan 26, 2017 10:13:00 AM

    Pipe and vessel fabrication will never be the same again. LJ has recently delivered the innovative 10TMR Pipe Double Jointing System to a very happy customer. This system effortlessly brings together, aligns, levels and rotates pipes or vessels, making time consuming fit-up a thing of the past.

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Topics: New Products & Innovations

In-House Subarc Cladding System Hacks Major Expense For Pipe Mill

Posted by Rob Stewart on Jan 24, 2017 4:33:00 PM

The LJ Solution For Steel Pipe Mill Customer


A steel pipe mill had been outsourcing a hard surfacing (cladding) application for one of their highest use wear parts, an hourglass shaped steel roller. The customer needed to lower their costs, and explore savings opportunities by bringing the process in-house, to avoid expensive and cumbersome outsourcing and transportation costs.

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Topics: Productivity, Submerged Arc Welding, Research & Development

Robotic Welding For Full Root, Fill & Cap Welding Of Pressure Pipe

Posted by Ryan Holt, P.Eng on Jan 10, 2017 1:48:00 PM


The Situation

A major energy company with pipe fabrication facilities located in a remote area of Alberta, Canada, approached LJ for a solution to their unique production challenge which was the following:


  1. The facility was located in a remote northern area which made sourcing quality labor difficult to attract and expensive to maintain.  Automation was a must.
  2. Fully automated root, fill and cap passes for pressure pipe were required, but are notoriously difficult to achieve on a consistent basis.  LJ was tasked with developing weld procedures to meet "B-Pressure" code (to ASME Section IX, B31.3, and B31.4.)
  3. They required a one-stop-shop that would include everything from R&D, weld procedures, engineering design, through to the manufacturing of a highly customized pipe handling and joining system, followed by commissioning on site, extensive training and ongoing after-market support.
  4. Short lead times and budget were also major considerations for the customer.

The customer new that there was one company that could deliver on all of the the above needs: LJ Welding Automation.

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Topics: Productivity, New Products & Innovations, Research & Development, robotic welding

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