Pipe Cradle 12-24 OD x 30,000 lbs capacity for sale


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Our pipeline cradle PRC-400 is used as an effective method for supporting and rolling pipe at the entrance of pipeline crossings.

LJ offers a PRC-400 pipeline roller that can easily move over the weld seams and not hang up, which is time-saving and makes the process more efficient. By using a pipe cradle with heavy-duty polyurethane rollers instead of a pipeline cradle support with the traditional steel rollers, the pressure on the pipe is proportionally distributed and the risks of damaging the pipe coating and egging problems are prevented. This is also due to multiple polyurethane rollers that are spaced equally to support the pipe evenly. Furthermore, our pipe cradles, including PRC-400, and HDD roller slings are an effective way to move pipe. Lastly, our pipeline cradles are designed for pipeline installation projects, where pipes can be kept close to the ground for easier handling during installation.

LJ’s polyurethane wheels on PRC-400 do not deform under the load of the pipe, as the high mechanical strength of the material easily sustains the pressure that is associated with the weight of the pipe. The special damping characteristics of the rollers ensure that the vibrations from the external environment and the frequency are gradually reduced and the system stays in the equilibrium position. PRC-400 offers a load capacity of 50 tons with a diameter ranging from 48" to 60", which makes it the biggest pipeline cradle in its class from LJ Welding.

If you are looking for a pipeline cradle with greater load capacity or diameter range, make sure to check out PRC-100 (14-ton capacity), PRC-200 (25-ton capacity), or PRC-300 (31-ton capacity).