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Cable Reel Rollers are used for rolling large cable spools, for payout, unwinding and take-up of heavy cable. Often used in combination with a tugging or pulling unit, LJ Cable Spool Rollers are equipped with variable speed, bidirectional controls, slip clutches to eliminate over torque and maximize safety, heavy duty rolling components, and easily adjustable diameter range using v-track rollers. LJ engineers and manufactures cable drum rollers to any capacity or specification required.

Side-By-Side Cable Reel Roller Comparison:

Specifications: CRR55-100 (10 Ton Cable Reel Roller) CRR68-100 (15 Ton Cable Reel Roller) CRR810-100 (40 Ton Cable Reel Roller)
Load Capacity: 20,000 lbs 30,000 lbs 80,000 lbs
Spool Size Range: 2 - 8 ft diameter with 5 ft-3" max width 2 - 12 ft diameter with 8 ft max width 5 - 16 ft diameter with 10 ft max width
Tractive Effort / Torque: 880 lbs 3,000 lbs 8,500 lbs
Rotation Speed: 30-780 in/min 48-480 in/min 48-480 in/min
Height Range: Low Profile, fine adjust leveling feet optional Low Profile, fine adjust leveling feet optional Low Profile, fine adjust leveling feet optional
Power Requirements: 240 V, 1-ph 240 V, 1-ph 480 V 3-ph
Equipment Mass: 2,200 lbs 2,100 lbs 6,700 lbs
Footprint: 79" x 95" x29" 99" x 134" x 22" 102" x 156" x 43"
Optional Extras: Pipeline Rollers Pipeline Rollers Pipeline Rollers

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