Heavy Duty Tripod Pipe Stands for sale


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LJ’s Tripod pipe stands, including TS3-330V, serve a valuable purpose when a lightweight and portable pipe support stand is needed.

Our TS3-330V tripod stand utilizes locking through pins and threaded fine height adjustment for extra safety. During any welding processes, the pipe has to be stable in place and this tripod and its vee top come as a standard feature allowing the operators to weld without any limitations. Another benefit that LJ’s TS3V-330V provides is the height adjustability that allows operators to raise or decline pipes to the same height of the working position which saves a lot of time and work. By bringing the pipe in parallel to the work position it is much easier to adjust hi/low, achieve a square face-off, and avoid any misalignments. Its load capacity ensures an increase in productivity and efficiency since some manual tasks can be avoided. Lastly, our tripod stands also protects the pipe coating from being damaged.

LJ’s tripod pipe stand TS3-330V comes with a load capacity of 2.5 tons, diameter range from 2" to 28" and height adjustability ranging from 33" to 56". We also offer various additional accessories that can be added to the customer’s request. That includes roller wheels (urethane, steel or custom material), multidirectional roller ball transfers, vee-rollers, flat rollers, and flat self-leveling feet, vee, or rail mount casters, swivel-style casters with brakes.

Looking for a tripod stand with a different load capacity or different height adjustability? Make sure to check out our Heavy Duty Tripod Stand TS3-160V, TS3-280V, or Multidirectional Pipe Roller Stand LD255-100.