• LJ Welding manufactures custom pipe welding positioners and welding rotating tables that suit a variety of pipe handling applications.

Height Adjustability: Gear tilt and height adjustability for any capacity


Easy-to-Use: Safer, faster and easier handling of work pieces


Controls: Benchtop positioners offer optional indexing controls on any LJ model


Durable Design: LJ positioners are built for use in harsh environments


Lower Manufacturing Costs: Limiting welding start-stops as well as increasing welding speeds and deposition rates


As professionals in the welding industry, we understand that welding positioners are key to maximizing productivity and quality in pipe welding. At LJ Welding, our design not only supports welders for a safer work environment but also provides ergonomic benefits - enabling them to craft their projects with ease!


Experts in pipe welding automation

Our positioners are a combination of modern design and reliable, efficient technology and can easily integrate with other LJ Welding solutions. Each of our welding positioners is designed in-house and made with heavy-duty components to ensure longevity and reliable performance.  




What is a welding positioner?

A welding positioner is a tool used to move, tilt or rotate the workpiece during welding. This enables the welder to reach all sides of the workpiece easily, without needing to constantly change their position. It helps to increase welding productivity while reducing the welder's workload and fatigue. Positioners from LJ Welding are designed for use in a variety of industrial applications, including pipe welding, tank fabrication and structural steel fabrication. They feature heavy-duty construction and are built with quality components for superior performance and reliability. With LJ Welding's positioners, welders can easily adjust the height, tilt angle and rotation speed of the workpiece for precise positioning and optimal results.


What are the types of welding positioners?

There are various types of welding positioners which include gear tilt positioners, pipe turning positioners, headstock & tailstock positioners, and bench top positioners. LJ Welding provides all of these types of positioners to accommodate the specific requirements of our clients. By offering gear tilt positioners, pipe turning positioners, headstock & tailstock positioners, and bench top positioners, we aim to meet various needs and ensure optimal welding efficiency.

How do positioners improve weld quality?

Positioners play a significant role in safe material handling, ultimately improving the quality of welding by facilitating optimal positioning of the workpiece. This enables the welder to maintain a consistent angle and distance from the workpiece, which ultimately results in more consistent and higher quality welds. Additionally, positioners reduce the need for manual repositioning of the workpiece, which minimizes distortion and leads to a more precise final product. Overall, the use of positioners is fundamental to achieving top-quality welds in a most efficient manner. To learn more, make sure to check out the video at the top or our other videos on welding positioners below, and on our YouTube channel.


What is the importance of welding positioner?

Welding positioners are crucial in boosting working flexibility, productivity, and quality. They allow welders to access all sides of the workpiece with ease, providing a more comfortable and less tiring work experience. By reducing fatigue and increasing efficiency, positioners promote higher productivity, consistency, and quality of the welds. Additionally, positioners promote a safer working environment and better working ergonomics, making the overall welding process more reliable, convenient, and less prone to errors. Overall, welding positioners considerably enhance the welding process from start to finis


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