100 RPM x 300 lb High Speed Welding Turntable TRNB15-200


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LJ offers a range of high-speed welding turntables designed specifically for the thermal spray and paint industries. Our TRNB15-200 will suit any applications that involve rotating at high RPM and any painting or thermal spraying.

Our high-speed floor turntable TRNB15-200 produces consistent, interruption-free welding of the circumference or periphery objects which leads to reducing rework, improving weld quality, and aesthetic. Another benefit our TRNB15-200 provides is decreased welder fatigue with a more convenient work environment that is secured by continuous welding in the best position. Furthermore, our high-speed turntable TRNB15-200  provides a cost-effective method of rotating pipes and vessels at high RPM and enables precise positioning in the flat or horizontal position.

LJ’s TRNB15-200 comes with a loading capacity of 300 lbs of only centered mass. The table size ranges up to 15" in diameter and the rotation speed goes from 10 to 100 RPM. The set speed can be reached in 3 seconds with the maximum acceleration. We also offer a variety of accessories that can be added upon customer’s request. That includes hand pendants with bidirectional digital readout, foot-switches with variable speed options, or different chucks and grippers depending on customer’s needs. Lastly, we can also customize the ground capacity and even the table size itself.

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