9 ft Diameter x 20-Ton Welding Turntable TRN20L-400


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LJ’s large diameter turntables are used for precise positioning in the flat or horizontal position. Using our TRN20L-400 ensures a cost-effective method of rotating a heavy workpiece with a large diameter around a vertical axis.

Our TRN20L-400 reduces the strain and workload put on operators with a more ergonomic work environment that is secured by continuous welding in the best position. Furthermore, our large diameter turntable TRN20L-400 produces consistent, interruption-free welding of the circumference or periphery objects which leads to reducing rework, improving weld quality, and aesthetic.

LJ’s large diameter turntable TRN20L-400 can handle spherical objects with a diameter of up to 9 feet. It also offers a steady and slow RPM, ranging from 0.010 to 0.500, that ensures the best welding quality of large and heavy workpieces. The loading capacity is 20 tons and the maximum acceleration can be reached in 1 second. Moreover, we offer multiple options and accessories that can be added to the customer’s demand. Lastly, TRN20L-400’s table size and ground capacity can be customized upon the customer’s request.

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