Modular Tank Vessel Fit-Up Rolls ALG-512  

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LJ’s tank turning roll systems are designed for tank fit-up applications, where regular turning rolls are not adequate and extra vessel support is required. They are also useful for fitting range or length and diameter tanks or thin-walled vessels.

Our fit-up bed rotators introduce a convenient and economical way to fit-up vessels and other cylindrical objects. They allow support along the entire length of concentric tanks or vessels and essentially reduce crane dependency. LJ’s tank fit-up rolls allow users to add multiple sections for longer concentric tanks and improve worker safety. ALG-512 decreases pressure on vessels, maximizes control and traction, optimizes cost-effectiveness, and improves rolling and positioning.

Our Tank Fit-Up Rolls are used for fitting range or length and diameter tanks or thin-walled vessels. They are also used to fit-up and pin shell courses together to provide a rigid diameter vessel. The loading capacity of our fit-up tank rotator ALG-512 is 20 tons, 5 tons precisely per 5-foot long section. It provides a diameter range from 5 ft to 14 ft which allows it to adjust to a variety of vessels and work objects. We also provide numerous options and accessories available to be added upon the customer’s request. That includes various footswitches, hand pendants but also customizable height range or even upgraded controls.

If you’re looking for a tank fit-up turning roll, but with different technical specs, make sure to check out our other product from this category: the ALG-412 modular tank and vessel fit-up roll.