• LJ's Height Adjustable Turning Rolls with dual adjustable drive heads designed such that load can always be centered on rolls; urethane wheels to protect and grip the workpiece. Standard features include height adjustability for safe and stable clearance of fittings
Faster Cycle Times: Reducing changeover effort and delivering optimal weld performance resulting in faster cycle times
Longevity: Our Height Adjustable Vessel Rollers provide durability and quality pipe rolling even after years of use
Precise Rotation & Positioning: Significantly improving the efficiency and quality of circumferential joints while decreasing the production cost of materials
Worker Ergonomics: Available features maximize operator performance with improved ergonomics and reduced physical strain while delivering consistently high-quality welds
Seamless Integration: Using our turning rolls ensure minimum shell/job handling and seamless integration with manipulator applications


Our Height Adjustable Vessel Rollers offer the ultimate in durability and performance, being ideal for turning and positioning cylindrical vessels of various sizes. These turning rolls allow fabricators to adjust the height of the workpiece, essentially providing a comfortable working position no matter how tall or short the vessel is. With optimal weld delivery, reduced changeover effort and minimized cycle times, the height adjustable vessel rollers are designed to provide lasting quality even after extended use.


Smooth rotation of workpieces and wide range of height adjustability...

LJ’s height adjustable vessel rollers also come equipped with three powerful motors for 360 degree rotation with smooth acceleration/deceleration, making it easier to rotate heavy workpieces as needed. On top of that, the turning rolls have steel frames with tight tolerances so that each roll is perfectly balanced and won't cause any unnecessary vibrations.


These height adjustable vessel rollers have an integrated anti-skid foot switch and handwheel which allow quick control without having to use too much force while operating them – making operation safer and more efficient. Thanks to improved ergonomics and features that reduce physical strain on operators while delivering consistently high-quality welds; our height adjustable turning rolls can help significantly boost efficiency and reduce related costs.


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What are vessel rollers used for? 

Vessel rollers, also known as welding turning rolls, are used in welding processes to rotate cylindrical or spherical vessels such as tanks and pipes. The vessel rollers make it easier to access all parts of the vessel for welding and this helps ensure a more even distribution of heat when working on larger projects. Vessel rollers can be powered manually, by electricity or pneumatically. They can also be fixed to the floor or mobile, depending on the needs of the job.


What is the difference between vessel rollers and welding turning rolls?

Vessel rollers are the same as welding turning rolls; they are both used to rotate cylindrical or spherical vessels while welding. The only difference is that vessel rollers are often used for larger, more complex projects that require more precise control during the welding process.


What are the benefits of using height adjustable vessel rollers? 

The main benefit of using height adjustable vessel rollers is that they provide a more precise control when welding cylindrical or spherical vessels. This allows for a much more even distribution of heat across the entire surface area of the vessel, making it easier to achieve an even weld and reducing the chances of errors.

Because they can be adjusted in height, they are ideal for projects with irregular shapes like tanks and pipes which would be difficult to access with non-adjustable vessel rollers. The adjustability also makes them suitable for different job sites since the existing conditions may change depending on the project. Ultimately, this leads to faster and higher quality welding results at lower costs.


How do I choose the right welding turning rolls for my project? 

When choosing the right welding turning rolls for your application, you should consider the size and weight of the vessel, type of power supply (manual, electric or pneumatic) needed for operation, adjustability needs and any additional features that may be required. It is important to research different options available to find the best one that suits your project requirements. Make sure to get in touch with one of our experts if you are uncertain about the product choice before making a purchase.


Side-By-Side Height Adjustable Vessel Rollers Comparison


12-Ton Height Adjustable Vessel Rollers (06R-100A/200)

20-Ton Height Adjustable Vessel Rollers (10TRV-100/200)

40-Ton Height Adjustable Vessel Rollers (20TRV-100/200)

Loading Capacity

Driver: 12,000 lbs (6-ton);

Idler: 12,000 lbs (6-ton)

Driver: 20,000 lbs (10-ton);

Idler: 20,000 lbs (10-ton)

Driver: 40,000 lbs (20-ton);

Idler: 40,000 lbs (20-ton)


Driver: 34-5/8" x 104-3/8" x 26-3/4";

Idler: 34" x 103-1/4" x 26-3/4"

Driver: 44" x 123-7/16" x 33";

Idler: 44" x 112-5/8" x 33"

Driver: 44" x 136-1/8" x 34-5/8";

Idler: 44" x 155-5/8" x 31-1/4"

Diameter Range 6” - 144” 12” - 168” 12” - 168”
Tractive Effort 3,500 lbs 6,000 lbs (Dual drive) 8,700 lbs (Dual drive)

Turning Torque

25,000 in-lbs 50,000 in-lbs (Dual drive) 80,000 in-lbs (Dual drive)
Turning Speed 5–50 in/min 5–50 in/min 5–80 in/min
Height Range

23-3/4" - 39" (top of wheel),

Adjustable in 3" increments

27" - 45" (top of wheel),

Adjustable in 3" increments

30" - 48" (top of wheel),

Adjustable in 3" increments

Power Requirements 115V, 1-ph or 208/230V, 1-ph 240V, 3-ph or 480V, 3-ph
480V, 3-ph (optional: 240V, 3-ph)
Weight Driver: 1,150 lbs;
Idler: 735 lbs

Driver: 3,825 lbs;

Idler: 1,700 lbs

Driver: 3,825 lbs;

Idler: 1,700 lbs


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