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Direct Root-to-SAW | Up To 5X Faster Cycle Times | Reduced Heat Inputs

LJ's Pipe Titan HD system solves the problem of longer cycle times for welding heavy-wall piping with different diameters. The system uses a direct Root-to-SAW process, allowing operators to perform a manual GMAW root-pass followed immediately by a mechanized AC SAW hot-pass. This results in up to 5X faster cycle times compared to traditional manual methods.

To achieve this level of efficiency in cycle times...

Pipe Titan HD uses ​EWM Titan XQ 500 power supply with a modified short arc process, known as "rootArc" for open root welding. 

The "rootArc" waveform provides excellent gap-bridging and control of the weld pool, with reduced heat input and spatter compared to conventional short-circuit roots.

The transition to the AC SAW hot-pass is done using the Lincoln Powerwave AC/DC 1000 SD. Its superior root welding performance makes it possible to substitute a conventional GMAW 2nd (hot) pass with AC SAW process, up to 4-5x faster

Heavy-duty made and tested to withstand any type of enviroment...

  • Successfully passed 4 PQRs per ASME Section IX, including radiography
  • Passed HAZ Charpy testing at -60 Celsius, proving the effectiveness and reliability of the pipe welding system even in harsh conditions
  • Durable design using heavy-duty mechanical components
  • ​Machining of the pipes ID is typically not required

Direct Root-to-SAW and up to 5X faster cycle times than traditional manual methods...

Using the direct root-to-saw process, operators can perform a manual GMAW root-pass, followed immediately by a mechanized AC SAW hot-pass.

That results in allowing a 3/16” thick manual GMAW root-pass be immediately followed by a mechanized AC SAW hot-pass, providing up to 5X faster cycle times compared to traditional manual methods. 

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