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alignment rolls

LJ Welding pipe alignment turning rolls are designed for special operations where pipes or vessels depend on precise and fast alignment. Our vessel pipe alignment rolls also offer compensation for inconsistencies on the shop floor or ground.

Our pipe alignment turning rolls reduce worker fatigue as well as provide a secure way to position cylindrical parts. They essentially reduce set-up time and offer more support area to the workpiece. We provide pipe alignment roll solutions that are used in pipe, tank, and vessel double- jointing systems for maximum safety and efficiency, with up to 65% decrease in fit up cycle times. Finally, LJ’s 10TMR-100 pipe alignment roll adjusts the wheel centerline setting automatically when the vessel is lowered on the turning rolls which eventually results in a fast fit up.

LJ’s 10TMR-100 is adaptive to a wide range of workpieces without a need for a separate adjustment. 10TMR-100 enables constant rotation speeds and maintains a constant centerline when rotating workpieces that are unbalanced, thin-walled and/or heavy, and have diameters ranging from just 6 inches, all the way up to 96 inches. The load capacity our pipe alignment tank roll offers is 10 tons, that are equally distributed on the driver and idler. Other features offered are height adjustability in a range of 6 inches, side shift, and powered track drive.

If you’re looking for a pipe alignment equipment with different technical specs, make sure to check out other products by LJ Welding e.g. 20TSR-100/200 20-ton pipe alignment turning rolls, 10TMR-GL-100 tank & vessel modular alignment rolls or 40TMR pipe fit up turning rolls.