• LJ offers pipe lifting jacks that deliver remarkable performance and meet the highest North American engineering standards. Our completely mechanical design ensures optimum dependability without relying on a power source.

Longevity: Our pipe lifting jacks are the gold standard in durability and longevity; designed with anti-corrosive materials, these systems guarantee a reliable life of impeccable service.
Working in Tight Spaces: LJ's pipe lifting jacks are the perfect solution for cost-conscious projects that require working in small areas. Tackle tough installations with ease and confidence
Cost-Effectiveness: Refurbishing and replacing supports is now a simple, cost-effective process with pipe lifting jacks. Without needing any heavy equipment like hoists, these jacks cut down on labor time while also making setup easy as ever!


Pipe lifting jacks are heavy duty machines designed for industrial applications involving the lifting, transporting and rigging of pipes. They are simple yet highly efficient and cost effective.

At LJ Welding, we use the highest quality materials to construct our pipe rigging jacks so that they can withstand wear and tear along with loadings of up to 4,000 lbs (2-tons). Its components have anti-corrosive properties that safeguard the pipes from harm as they reduce friction, while allowing the jack to smoothly adjust its position when needed.


Precision, safety and control...

Our pipe lifting jacks are not only strong and durable but also offer several key benefits, for instance, their robust construction and reliable performance.

Furthermore, these machines feature several safety components for complete operator control and precise maneuvering, enabling secure handling even in tight areas. Their ergonomic build provides our customers with comfort and stability during operation.

From demanding tasks to small jobs, our pipe lifting jacks offer complete reliability and maximum safety everytime.


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What maintenance do the pipe lifting jacks require?

For proper maintenance and longer lifespan of your pipe rigging jack, it is important to regularly examine the parts and make sure that they are clean, free from rust or damage, and properly lubricated before each use. Keeping the parts maintained can help prevent any potential breakdowns and ensure a safe operation of your pipe lifting jack.


Are these jacks suitable for outdoor use?

The construction of the jack is made from materials that are resistant to corrosion and impact, making them suitable to use in a variety of weather conditions. Moreover, the safety features built-in into the jacks minimize any risk of accidents or injuries when used outdoors.However, it is important to keep in mind that certain factors such as excessive dust or regular exposure to water can reduce the lifespan of your jack if not properly maintained and stored indoors between uses. We recommend inspecting your jack thoroughly before each outdoor use and cleaning it regularly for optimal performance and longevity.


How quickly do the jacks adjust to new heights and angles?

The jacks are designed to be adjusted easily in a matter of seconds to different pipe sizes and diameters.


Can a single operator manage multiple jacks at once?

Yes, a single operator can manage multiple jacks at once. Our pipe lifting jacks are ergonomically designed for comfort and stability during operation, allowing one person to efficiently handle multiple machines.


Does their design allow for easy transportation and storage?

Our jacks are constructed from light-weight yet strong materials, making them easier to move around when needed. The low profile design is also ideal for tight spaces, ensuring that the jack can be stored with ease when not in use.

Side-By-Side Pipe Lifting Jacks Comparison


1,500 lbs Pipe Lifting Jack: BCPJS15-100

1,500 lbs Pipe Lifting Jack

4,000 lbs Pipe Lifting Jack: BCPJS40-100

4,000 lbs Pipe Lifting Jack

Loading Capacity 1,500 lbs 4,000 lbs (2-ton)
Footprint 28" x 6.5" 12-⅝” x 28-13/16” x 25”
Diameter Range 0-12" OD 18” Max
Height Range 12" - 24" and screw jack adjustable 12-1/4” - 24-1/4”, Fine screw height adjustment
Beam Height Range 8" - 15"  8” - 15”
Beam Clamp Flange Size Range 5" - 10.5"  5” - 10-1/2” Wide x 1/4” - 1-1/4” Thick
Weight 34 lbs 98 lbs


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