• LJ offers trusted pipe rigging rollers that deliver remarkable performance and meet the highest North American engineering standards. Our completely mechanical design ensures optimum dependability without relying on a power source.

LJ_-_ICONS-GEAR1-removebg-preview Longevity: Our pipe lifting jacks are the gold standard in durability and longevity; designed with anti-corrosive materials, these systems guarantee a reliable life of impeccable service.
LJ_-_ICONS-THUMBSUP-removebg-preview Working in Tight Spaces: LJ's pipe lifting jacks are the perfect solution for cost-conscious projects that require working in small areas. Tackle tough installations with ease and confidence
LJ_-_ICONS-GRAPH1-removebg-preview Cost-Effectiveness: Refurbishing and replacing supports is now a simple, cost-effective process with pipe lifting jacks. Without needing any heavy equipment like hoists, these jacks cut down on labor time while also making setup easy as ever!


Side-By-Side Pipe Lifting Jacks Comparison


1,500 lbs Pipe Lifting Jack: BCPJS15-100


4,000 lbs Pipe Lifting Jack: BCPJS40-100


Loading Capacity 1,500 lbs 4,000 lbs (2-ton)
Footprint 28" x 6.5" 12-⅝” x 28-13/16” x 25”
Diameter Range 0-12" OD 18” Max
Height Range 12" - 24" and screw jack adjustable 12-1/4” - 24-1/4”, Fine screw height adjustment
Beam Height Range 8" - 15"  8” - 15”
Beam Clamp Flange Size Range 5" - 10.5"  5” - 10-1/2” Wide x 1/4” - 1-1/4” Thick
Weight 34 lbs 98 lbs

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