1-Ton Multi-directional Pipe Rollers MDR-200

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LJ’s multi-directional pipe rigging rollers are used for a variety of applications, in particular for installation of pipe into racks at refineries, power plants, and other industrial facilities.

Our MDR-200 is ideal for turning/pushing pipe in all directions and its design allows for clamping to I-Beams or other support structures. Furthermore, LJ’s MDR-200 increases the speed of loading pipes and other cylindrical objects to racks or modular construction pipe systems. Another benefit our MDR-700 offers is a safer way of installing spooled pipe with fewer pinch points, less tugging, and less crane time. Specifically, the crane time can be decreased by up to 40%.

As far as the features go, our multi-directional beam pipe rigging roller MDR-200 has a loading capacity of 1 ton, which enables operators to work with heavy workpieces. Moreover, it offers a pipe diameter ranging from 2" to 24" and beam clamp flange size range of 6-12" Flange Widths, up to 1" thick. Lastly, we offer some additional features, including handles on sides for safe and easy lifting and installation.

Are you looking for a multi-directional pipe rigging roller with different technical parameters? Make sure to check out MDR-700 or MDRN-100.