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    Tank and Vessel Industry APPLICATIONS

    We serve the tank and vessel manufacturing industry by providing well-engineered equipment for the production of boilers, water/oil storage tanks, water treatment tanks, chemical mixing vessels, tankers, reactors, food preparation tanks, and additional storage needs.

    Semi-Automated Tank & Vessel Welding Cells

    Tank and vessel welding cells require fabrication equipment that is efficient and robustly engineered. LJ’s semi-automated tank and vessel welding cells provide a complete competitive advantage in one system. They do this by reducing material handling times, improving weld quality and rapid submerged arc (SAW) deposition rates, using column and boom welding manipulators ranging up to  9x9 feet to 16x16 feet.

    welding manipulator and tank turning rolls United States of America USA Flag Specialized Tank Manufacturing Equipment Results in 50% Less Cycle Time welding manipulator with pipe turning rolls Nigeria Nigerian flag Subarc Welding Manipulator With Tank Turning Rolls System & Training automated MIG welding manipulator with turning rolls Canada canadian flag How Fit Up Rotators and Automated MIG Welding Manipulator Can Reduce Your Cycle Times in Tank Manufacturing

    High Deposition Rate Solutions for Tank & Vessel Fabrication

    LJ Welding provides high deposition rate solutions for tank and vessel fabrication that utilize the sub arc welding process to increase deposition rates, providing our clients with faster welding cycle times, improved welding consistency and reduced manufacturing costs associated with rework and skilled labour.

    submerged arc and MIG welding manipulator for tank and vessel fabrication Mexico Mexico flag Column and Boom Welding Manipulator With Automated Dual-Head MIG + SAW Function robotic welding solutions Canada Canadian flag Robotic Welding For Full Root, Fill & Cap Welding Of Pressure Pipe

    Tank & Vessel Fit-Up & Rotation Solutions

    Tank and vessel fit-up and rotation solutions provide an easy, cost-effective method for fit-up of tank and vessel fabrication. Our solutions are designed to ensure proper alignment and great precision in seamless controls. Fit-up and rotation function using tank turning rolls and vessel alignment rolls lower fit-up times, reduce overhead crane dependency, and lower job costs to keep our customers competitive.

    pipe rotators Alberta Alberta CASE STUDIES: Welding Automation for Oilsands Applications tank and vessel growing line United States of America United states flag How Does A Growing Line System For Vessel or Wind Tower Fabrication Work? 200-ton tank turning rolls Egypt Egypt flag AUTOMATED WELDING FOR VESSEL FABRICATION USING TANK TURNING ROLLS

    Multi-Purpose Pipe, Tank & Vessel Fabrication Solutions

    Versatile fabrication facilities that require high deposition rates, material handling functions, and improved welding can trust LJ Welding Automation for a versatile yet comprehensive welding cell solution. Multi-job shops require agile production systems when switching from different size and thickness weldments so that changeover times are minimal and on-arc time is maximized.

    pipe and vessel welding rotators Canada flag of Canada Welding Automation for Oilsands Applications gear tilt welding positioner for multi-purpose weld shops Canada Canada flag Automating A Multi-Purpose Welding Shop pipe and vessel material handling system for multi-purpose fabrication shops Canada flag of Canada Spooling Facility Reduces Fit Up Time From Hours To Minutes Using Headstock Positioner & Turning Rolls
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