SubMerged Arc Structural Steel Beam Welding Gantry System



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 Beam Welding Gantry Typical Max. Deposition Rates* 


  Single Weld Head Dual Weld Head
Single Wire Up to 25 lbs/hr Up to 50 lbs/hr
Twin Wire Up to 40 lbs/hr Up to 80 lbs/hr
Gantry Horizontal slide travel 42"
Gantry Vertical slide travel 58"
Maximum Workpiece Dimension 120" height 
Boom Traverse Speed Range 5–120 in/min
Mast Traverse Speed Range 5–120 in/min
Travel Car Speed 5–120 in/min
Beam Welding Gantry Power Requirements 480 V, 3-ph
Welding Gantry Standard Features

Dual independent submerged arc welding systems (typically 2 x 1,000 AMP)

Dual independent flux delivery & recovery systems to customer requirements.

Servo controlled rack and pinion drive system, 2 digit linear speed precision and up to 35 ft/min travel speed.

Operator's chair and HMI console.

Powered cross-slide system for fine tuning of weld heads.

Rail system with cable and hose management (typically up to 120 ft or to customer spec)

Gantry Options

Joint Seam Tracking - tactile (mechanical probe) or vision (laser)

Camera Systems - with monitors & recording capabilities

Preheat Systems - Induction heating or flame heating

Welding Power Source Options: Submerged Arc (SAW), MIG, or to customer specification

Input Power Options: as per standard spec or to customer requirements

Upgrade Controls: full integration to LJ welding positioners or turning rolls through HMI touchscreens and master PLC

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