• Pipeline roller equipment helps to support and guide a pipeline section while allowing it to traverse river crossings or roads with minimal resistance. It provides reliable protection during the installation process, ensuring your pipelines are handled safely and efficiently.
4-removebg-preview Modular Design: LJ's pipeline rollers offer a modular design that enables even the most complex of curved pulls to be achieved. Thanks to its lightweight construction, it can easily be transported with basic lifting equipment like chains, straps or forks.
LJ_-_ICONS-THUMBSUP-removebg-preview Worker Ergonomics: Our pipeline roller equipment provides operators with the ease, convenience and time savings of effortless handling and rolling - ultimately reducing strain on employees
LJ_-_ICONS-GRAPH1-removebg-preview Increased Productivity: LJ’s pipeline roller equipment enables sites to operate with enhanced efficiency and speed, unlocking greater productivity and more rewarding profitability
5-removebg-preview Smooth Rolling: Our equipment allows for reliable transport of piping, ensuring that it safely skirt any potential hazards at ground level and remain undamaged


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