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    Wind Energy Applications 

    Automation equipment for wind energy makes it possible, through increased productivity and improved throughput, for our customers to be more competitive in the industry. LJ Welding Automation manufactures equipment that is adaptable to meet the demands of our customers and help lower the overall costs of production while ensuring employee health and safety.

    Semi-Automated Welding Cells for Wind Energy

    Designed for highly customized functions, semi-automated welding cells for wind energy enable predictable rates of welding production, from raw material to an inspected final product. Our aim is to increase the capacity and quality of your end-product while maintaining high quality and eliminating the need for unnecessary rework and production stops.

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    Generator Fabrication

    Improved efficiencies in generator fabrication include flexibility and control over all aspects of welding that gives operators the ability to weld at higher deposition rates. Automation for generator fabrication decreases production time and consumables that contribute to lower overall costs.

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    Wind Tower Foundation Fabrication

    Investing in automation for welding and production of wind towers is the only way to maintain competitiveness and profitability. Typically a tedious process, automating fabrication for wind towers leads to reduced labour costs and material handling time as well as minimized rework.

    growing line for wind tower foundation fabrication Canada Canadian flag Growing Line Fabrication Explanation tank and vessel growing line United States of America United states flag Semi-Automated Pipe Alignment Rolls & Welding Manipulator Reduce Riser Pipe Double Jointing Cycle Times By 65%
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