Automated welding demonstration

LJ's extra-heavy duty powered cross slides XS6-200 are used for precision adjustments of manipulator welding heads. They are available in 1-axis or 2-axis horizontal and/or vertical motions.

Our cross slides XS6-200 offer a joystick controller that allows for easy control in the vertical or horizontal direction. XS6-200 provides a dust tight construction that minimizes the maintenance requirements and essentially prolongs its service life. Its modular design also allows for potential to upgrade to automated processes, including oscillation or seam tracking, which makes it a very compact piece of machinery. We also offer limit switches which are utilized to safely stop travel at limits of range.

LJ’s XS6-200 cross-slide comes with a loading capacity of 200 lbs and 6 inches of travel that makes XS6-200 the best choice for submerged arc applications. They can be easily mounted on manipulators, side beams, or other welding torch equipment and they also integrate with weld-seam tracking devices. Lastly, our cross-slides are also ideal for fine horizontal and vertical adjustments to the torch

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