1RPT-100: Gear Tilt Robotic Welding Positioner System (Robotic Arm Welding Cell)





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LJ’s gear tilt positioners are designed to provide optimal positioning of cylindrical objects to ensure better quality welds in less time. With our robotic gear tilt welding system, you can easily improve the production and efficiency of repetitive welding tasks in your shop.

One of the most important benefits our 1RPT-100 gear tilt welding positioner offers is the ability to let operators easily position the weldment where they find it most comfortable & optimal. This results in reduced time spent on repetitive welds and enhanced production. 1RPT-100 enables flawless and safe turning of welding workpiece and removes the necessity of an operator to move around. Additionally, our gear tilt positioners provide versatility, safety, and precise rotation while keeping the cost of the operation low.

LJ’s 1RPT-100 has a load capacity 1.6 tons at 0” to 0.55 ton at 12” overhung load. It most commonly includes a Kuka or Panasonic robotic welding arm that can rotate and tilt high batch welding jobs consistently and with ease. Any robotic welding arm can be used beyond what’s mentioned. The 1RPT-100 gear tilt robotic welding cell features tilting and rotation capabilities for enhanced versatility. It provides a constant rotation speed ranging between 0.1 and 2.2 rotations per minute (RPM) but other custom modification requests are available.

The 1RPT-100 has a tilting torque power of 35,000 in-lbs. and allows you to work on heavy workpieces at various consistent angles and speeds. This torque gives you an average controlled tilting speed ranging from 0.1 to 0.9 RPM. You can tilt your workpiece to an angle of 135° in 25 seconds.

The robotic welding positioner’s turning torque of 20,000 in-lbs. enables you to get smooth and safe turning of your workpiece for quicker production. The added benefit is that stronger torque means equipment is more durable over time.

 At LJ Welding, we try to offer the best solutions that meet the needs of our customers. If you’re looking for a gear tilt positioner with different technical specs, make sure to check out 1,5 ton Gear Tilt Welding Positioner - 1PT-300, 3 ton Gear Tilt Welding Positioner - T6PS-100, 6 ton Gear Tilt Welding Positioner - T12PS-100 or 12 ton Gear Tilt Welding Positioner - T24PS-100