2PT-300, 6000 lb Gear Tilt Pipe Welding Positioner

6000 lb Gear Tilt Welding Positioner for sale

pipe rollers for rent

Load Capacity

6,000lbs (at 0" overhung load)

4,570 lbs (at 12" overhung load)

Shipping Dimensions 64" x 59" x 35"
Tilting Torque 80,000 in-lbs
Tilting Speed 0.1-0.9 RPM (135° in 25 seconds)
Height Adjustability 30"-50" centre height adjustment in 5" increments 35½"-55½" turntable working heights in 5" increments (Taller Height Range Available)
Power Requirements 480 V, 3-ph
Rotation Speed 0.1–2.2 RPM (Other options available)
Turning Torque 40,000 in-lbs
Ground Capacity 800 Amps
Equipment Mass 3,750 lbs (excluding gripper)
Available Accessories Hand Pendants: bidirectional with digital readout (Cabled); wireless style available (>110V models only)

Foot Switch: forward/reverse standard; variable speed style available on request Work Holding: Grippers, chucks, or specialized fixtures

Other: Elbow Jig fixtures and outboard roller support stands
Options Input Power Options: as per standard spec or to customer requirements

Custom Height Range: to customer requirement

Ground Capacity: 200Amp, 400Amp, 800Amp, or 1500Amp

Upgrade Controls: HMI touchscreens, full integration to LJ welding manipulators