alignment rolls

Growing line systems are used for rolling and positioning applications that include small oil and gas pipes, welding tanks, wind towers, enormous pressure vessels, and more. They are the main tool that enhances accurate alignment of pipes and other cylindrical work objects.

LJ’s vessel growing line systems enable operators to assemble and relocate "grow" heavy vessels, which surpass the lift capacity of overhead cranes. Using 60TA-100 eliminates the need for wedges and inefficient, potentially unsafe manual jacking systems to align the cans. Growing lines can reduce fit-up time by up to 65% when compared with traditional methods, minimize crane handling, and maximize operator safety. Finally, 60TA-100 allows for complete control of the tank sections for fit-up and welding.

LJ specializes in an innovative growing line system used for fast alignment, leveling, fit-up, and indexing of large pipes and vessels. 60TA-100 can roll and carry cylindrical objects with a weight of up to 60 tons. It also comes with a diameter range from 24” to 216”, which allows it to adjust to a variety of pipes and workpieces.

At LJ Welding, we try to offer the best solutions that meet the needs of our customers. If you’re looking for a growing line system with different technical specs, make sure to check out the 40TA-100 growing line system or 100TA-100 growing line system.