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LJ’s gear tilt positioners are designed to provide optimal positioning of cylindrical objects to ensure better quality welds in less time. With our robotic gear tilt welding system, you can easily improve the production and efficiency of repetitive welding tasks in your shop.

Our 1PT-300 provides a very useful triple-axis capability, which includes lifting, rotating, and tilting. Each of these processes is able to support up to 1.5 tons of weight. This gives operators an opportunity to work with heavy objects while keeping precise lifting and rotation in order to ensure the best quality welds. We also offer optional current grounding capabilities for safer welding. Other benefits 1PT-300 provides are increased accessibility, weld quality, and operator safety or reduced material handling times.

The 1PT-300 provides 5 different adjustable height settings. They range from 29” to 49” in 5” increments.  There are table slots provided to make mounting and fixing of pipes much easier. Its tilt protector makes it possible for users to assume precise welding positions. The constant speed motor can make a 135o forward tilt within 25 seconds for operator convenience. With the steady rotation pace, 1PT-300 can tilt your workpiece at a rate of 0.1-0.9 rotations-per-minute (RPM). Its turning torque of 20,000 lbs makes it safely turn heavy workpieces with ease. The heavy-duty positioner is able to support up to 3,000 lbs. at 0” overhung load and 1,700 lbs. at 12” overhung load

We also offer different variations of options and accessories. The footswitch comes with Forward/Reverse functionality and is the most popular add-on. There are also varying speed styles of footswitch that can be upgraded. Hand pendant options are also available with forward/reverse functionality. Upgrade your hand pendant to digital readout or make it wireless. All controls come standard with a 0 to 100% knob but can have a 10-turn potentiometer.

At LJ Welding, we try to offer the best solutions that meet the needs of our customers. If you’re looking for a gear tilt positioner with different technical specs, make sure to check out 1,6 ton Gear Tilt Robotic Welding Positioner System - 1RPT-100, 3 ton Gear Tilt Welding Positioner - T6PS-100, 6 ton Gear Tilt Welding Positioner - T12PS-100 or 12 ton Gear Tilt Welding Positioner - T24PS-100