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    Custom Material Handling APPLICATIONS

    At LJ Welding Automation, we are dedicated to designing and engineering custom material-handling systems for applications that require great precision and world-class quality. Our experience and expertise enable us to serve a wide range of industries with unique or extreme requirements.

    Automated Custom Cladding Solution

    Our automated custom cladding solution enables customization for texture, uniformity, and design to cater to specific customer needs. We provide automated equipment for cladding of complex and large areas for improved surface hardness, resistance to wear, and superior cladding pace.

    positioner for cladding Canada Canada flag Cladding overlay solution Canada

    Centrifuge Fabrication

    LJ provides customized, cost-effective centrifuge welding and handling systems that are intuitive and built for ease of use. This equipment delivers high deposition rates to handle very large areas efficiently. We design and build our systems to meet client specifications, while still being cost effective.

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    Pipe Honing Manufacturing

    LJ designs, engineers and fabricates custom pipe rollers with precise rapid acceleration, high torque, and dynamic range to meet the demand for great precision. We provide integration-ready equipment that stays true to the quality, speed of delivery, and cost efficiency that we promise --- and that our clients demand.

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