Refurbished 4-Ton Pipe Roll Stands HD2L-100/HD2L-150

4-Ton Pipe Roller Stands HD2L-100/HD2L-150

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Price $3,990 USD
Varies 7 Sets
Load Capacity (Driver & Idler Set) Driver: 4,000 lbs (2-ton), Idler: 4,000 lbs (2-ton)
Diameter Range 2" - 36"
Footprint 30" x 31" x 40"
Height Range 28" - 40" fine adjust
Tractive Effort Single Drive, 650 lbs
Output Torque 2,000 in-lbs
Power Requirements 110 V, 1-ph
Rotation Speed 8–80 in/min
Equipment Mass Driver: 240 lbs; Idler: 150 lbs
Available Accessories Hand Pendants: bidirectional with digital readout (Cabled); wireless style available (>110V models only)

Foot Switch: forward/reverse not included.

Work Holding: Grippers, chucks, or specialized fixtures
Casters: motorized or non-motorized rail casters
Options Input Power Options: as per standard spec or to customer requirements

Custom Height Range: to customer requirement

Upgrade Controls: HMI touchscreens, full integration to LJ welding manipulators