Tank Fit-Up Rolls

For fitting range or length and diameter tanks or thin walled vessels. Modular design allows users to add sections for longer tank. Tube rolls allow support along entire length of concentric tanks or vessels, for applications where regular turning rolls are not adequate and extra vessel support is required.

Side-By-Side Tank Fit Up Roll Comparison

Specifications ALG-412 Tank Fit Up Rolls (Roller Bed Style) ALG-512 Tank Fit Up Rolls (Fully Automated Rolls)

Load Capacity:

Load per Section:

Up to 60 tons

4-ton per 8-foot section

Up to 20 tons

5-ton per 5-foot section

Diameter Range: 3 ft - 14 ft 5 ft - 14 ft
Drive System: Dual Drive, Drive-Shaft Free Style Dual Drive, Drive-Shaft Free Style
Tractive Effort: 6,000 lbs 6,000 lbs
Footprint: Varies depending on customer requirements Varies depending on customer requirements
Power Requirements: 480 V, 3-ph 480 V, 3-ph
Rotation Speed: 5 - 96 in/min 5 - 96 in/min
Equipment Mass: 8,300 lbs (5 sections) 11,300 lbs (5 sections)
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