3-Jaw Self-Centering Scroll Chucks with Reversible Top Jaws


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Our 3-jaw self-centering scroll chucks with reversible top jaws are high-quality, cost-effective lathe welding grips and chucks, which are a standard accessory on all welding positioners manufactured by LJ Welding Automation.

LJ’s self-centering scroll chucks have three levels of engagement on each of their three jaws, which can all be repositioned for a full range of motion. Even though self-centering chucks are ideal and meant for round and cylindrical objects, they are adaptive to various shapes and applications. Furthermore, our self-centering scroll chucks provides easy jaw adjustment to minimize downtime between workpieces and heavy duty construction to hold out against harsh industrial applications. 

We offer 3 different types of our self-centering scroll chucks, that includes 8" Chuck 8C, 12" Chuck 12C and 16" Chuck 16C which differ in hole sizes and weight but a same pipe diameter of 24″ on all models . All our welding grippers and chucks are available for rent or sale. Whether your application requires soft jaws or custom fittings, LJ can accommodate your needs, timelines and budget.

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