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LJ’s Multidirectional Roller Pipe Stands LD255-100 is a multifunctional device that allows it to carry, handle and roll pipes in a safe and efficient manner.

Using our multidirectional LD255-100 ensures excellent solutions to welding applications on-site maximizing the production, improving fusion processes, and reducing tear and wear. Our LD255-100 uses roller wheels that allow operators to carry a pipe around the shop or even outside, saving a lot of time when relocating pipes. Another benefit that our multidirectional roller pipe stand LD255-100 offers is protecting pipes from scarring, minimizing drag forces, and reducing demand for additional equipment on the job site. Furthermore, using our LD255-100 provides quick vertical height adjustments that lower material handling time and effort. Lastly, usage of multidirectional pipe roller stands ensures pipe rolling and handling, reduces strain on operators, and increases productivity.

Our multidirectional pipe roller stand LD255-100 has a loading capacity of 1.25 tons, height range of 21" - 33" and a diameter range of 2" - 28". When it comes to features, we offer a variety of accessories and options that can be added to the customer’s demand. This includes roller wheels that are available in different materials (urethane, steel, or other custom material) custom tops (multidirectional ball transfers, vee rollers, and flat rollers), sawhorse tops, and vee tops. As far as custom modifications go, there is a possibility of mounting multiple LD255-100 pipe roller stands together with a roller frame.

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