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How To Reduce Pipe Joining Times By 50%: 10TMR Double Jointing System

Posted by Ryan Holt P.Eng & Rob Stewart on Jan 26, 2017 11:13:00 AM

LJ Welding Automation

   10TMR_featured_image.jpg Pipe and vessel fabrication will never be the same again. LJ has recently delivered the innovative 10TMR Pipe Double Jointing System to a very happy customer. This system effortlessly brings together, aligns, levels and rotates pipes or vessels, making time consuming fit-up a thing of the past.

This brand new offering from LJ reduces joint fit up time by 50% or more, while drastically improving safety and worker comfort. Operators can now get even more done with less effort, which is music to the ears of management teams who are focused on cycle time and throughput improvements more than ever.  LJ designed the 10TMR system specifically to minimize the overall price point, without sacrificing any essential performance features, resulting in maximum ROI for our customers. 

How it works:

1.  Load the pipes or vessels on each pair of driver/idler and idler/idler

pipe double-jointing system with pipe rollers

  1. The pipes can be moved towards each other with a simple hand pendant, utilizing the powered track drive.

pipe double-jointing system for pipe fit-up process

  1. With the use of a cordless drill, the operator can align the pipes left/right and up/down, in seconds.

pipe double jointing system for pipe fitting up


  1. Once aligned, the pipe/vessel is ready for tacking and root pass without the use of cranes, jacks, wedges or other cumbersome methods. High traction dual drive rotation of the pipe is controlled by a hand pendant and/or footswitch. 

pipe double jointing system for pipe weld fit-ups

  1. If Sub-arc welding is required, the 10TMR can be integrated with a column and boom welding manipulator for full rotation speed and weld start controls from the main manipulator control panel. http://www.ljwelding.com/products/type/manipulators/pipe double jointing fit up welding cell with submerged arc weld manipulator   

Industry Applications:

  1. Fit-up or double-jointing of pipe or vessels;
  2. Wind towers or structural tower manufacturing
  3. Chemical & fuel storage tank fabrication;


Competitive Advantage:

  1. Minimize (or eliminate) crane usage during fit up
  2. Decrease fit-up time by 50% or more
  3. Minimize cycle times and increase throughput with minimal shop space
  4. Increase safety by eliminating fit-up by wood cribbing, wedges, crane/forklift and of course, the old trusty sledgehammer.


Check out the 10TMR Self-Aligning Turning Roll System video below:



Check out the 10TMR product page for specs and more information today:

10TMR Product Page



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