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Portable Welding Positioner Saves State Gas Company $22k Avg Per Job

Posted by Rob Stewart on Oct 29, 2015 5:00:00 AM

LJ Welding Automation


A US State gas company designed a custom mount to attach to a trailer hitch on their work truck. They do field repairs and installs of gas valves and the equipment runs off a small generator. They purchased a 12" Benchtop Welding Positioner from us and we're proud to share their before and after results below:

Key Workpiece: 

They did testing on their most common workpiece: 8” OD ½” wall pipe. Welding elbows and valves.


Weld Process:

Stick. Generally 8 full passes per weld.


Old process time:            

Average of 160 minutes per completion with handling/prep/etc.


12P/Elbow Jig time:       

Average of 100 minutes per completion with handling/prep/etc.

Click here for information on the elbow jigs we manufacture.


Reduction In Time:          

~38% labour savings per weld.


Average Job:                    

180 to 200 welds.


Average Hours Saved:    

180 to 200 hours.


$125/hr field welder:     

$22,500 to $25,000 per job savings.

Interested to see the ROI? 

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Posted by Rob Stewart
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