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Case Studies

In-House Subarc Cladding System Hacks Major Expense For Pipe Mill


A steel pipe mill had been outsourcing a hard surfacing (cladding) application for one of their highest use wear parts, an hourglass shaped steel roller. The customer needed to lower their costs, and explore savings opportunities by..

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Honing Equipment Manufacturer Bores Custom Pipe Rollers For Sub-Assembly Job



A pipe honing equipment manufacturer required a highly customized, sub-assembly pipe roller system to be integrated within a..

Spooling Facility Reduces Fit Up Time From Hours To Minutes Using Headstock Positioner & Turning Rolls


A pipe spool fabrication facility located in Ontario, Canada needed to alleviate the bottleneck of time consuming..

Subarc Welding Manipulator With Tank Turning Rolls System & Training


A multi-purpose vessel and pipe fabrication facility was looking to refit their facility to build a wide range of vessels and..

How-To Weld Elbow Joints Easily: The Welding Positioner Elbow Jig

Introducing The Elbow Jig


Pipe fabrication facilities have always needed to weld elbows for long pipe runs that change..

Semi-Automated Pipe Alignment Rolls & Welding Manipulator Reduce Riser Pipe Double Jointing Cycle Times By 65% - Explained

 As the exploration for oil dives deeper into the sea, greater emphasis is on the equipment and piping employed to improve results...

Portable Welding Positioner Saves State Gas Company $22k Avg Per Job


A US State gas company designed a custom mount to attach to a trailer hitch on their work truck. They do field repairs and..