40-Ton Height Adjustable Vessel Tank Rolls 20TRV-100/200

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Our height-adjustable turning rolls are widely used in various industries and other fields that concern pipes and pipe assembling. Serving as a tool for welding round seams of pipes, barrels, pressure containers, and other cylindrical workpieces. LJ’s turning rolls are an indispensable tool for shell fabrication shops

The extremely heavy-duty design of our turning roll ensures durability over years of use. With 20TRV-100/200 we can ensure increased production with reduced labor skill, lower work fatigue, and maximize the quality of welds using synchronized rotation. LJ’s height-adjustable turning rolls improve plant efficiency, welding automation and provide precise rotation of cylindrical workpieces. Additionally, they provide lesser usage of cranes reducing the idle time and polyurethane rollers that maintain constant centerline and accurate roll center changes. Using our turning rolls ensure minimum shell/job handling and seamless integration with manipulator applications.

LJ Welding turning rolls are suitable for pipes and circular objects with a diameter ranging from 1' to 14' that can be lifted or lowered in a range from 30" to 48". The loading capacity reaches 20 tons which are dispersed equally on the driver and idler. LJ’s 20TRV-100/200 turning roll can be operated manually with hand pendants that are available cabled or wireless. LJ Welding also offers other accessories and options, including different types of footswitches, grippers, casters, and other specialized fixtures that can be added to the customer’s request. 

We, in LJ Welding, try to bring you the best products that satisfy your demands, so make sure to look at our other height-adjustable turning rolls, e.g. 10TRV-100/200 or 06R-100/200 if you’re looking for turning rolls with different specs.