8-Ton Geared Height Adjust Pipe Roller Stands SHD-800A/SHD-850



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LJ's height-adjustable pipe rolling stands are used for pipe welding applications ranging from light tubes to extra-heavy walled pipe. It is an ideal tool for welding of API pipes, heating exchangers, and mounted vessels, boilers, LPG bullets, barrels, pressure vessels, and tanks

Our welding pipe rolling stands are convenient and comfortable for welders working at a shop bench. Working with the SHD-800/850 minimizes manual handling and allows welders to perform at suitable positions under a preset speed and precise angle with accurate rotating, which leads to faster and cleaner welds with minimal positioning. Another advantage is increased productivity, shorter idle time, reduced need for skilled labor, and a decreased usage of lifting or cranes.

LJ´s SHD-800/850 pipe rolling welding stands are manufactured to handle pipes with a diameter ranging from 4" to 48" and weight up to 8 tons. Our height-adjustable pipe roll stands SHD-800/850 is designed to help attain exceptional quality circumference joints on shells and offer precise rotations of pipes that require minimal working space. The SHD-800/850 welding pipe roller stand provides a stable weld head position where a welding torch can be placed above the pipe. 

If you are looking for other Height Adjustable Welding Pipe Rollers with some other technical specs, have a look at our other Height Adjustable Pipe Rolls e.g.  4-ton pipe roller stands - HD2L-100/150 or 8-ton low profile pipe roll stand SHD-700/750.