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12,000 lb Pipe Turning Positioner Rentals


Loading capacity 12,000 lb
(at 12” overhung load)
Footprint 96"x 71"x 62"
Turning Torque 125,000 in-lb
Height Adjustability 48"– 96" in 6"
Power Requirements 480V, 3-ph*
Operation Speed 0.05-2.2 RPM
Ground Capacity 1,500 Amps


Accommodation to a wide range of swing diameters.


If your job requires welding on large workpieces, LJ's 12,000 lb Pipe Turning Positioner Rental is a robust choice. It has a maximum load capacity of 6 tons from the mounting plate. This makes it perfect for a wide range of large and small welding jobs. Further reinforcing its versatility is its turning torque power of 125,000 in-lb. Moreover, it has an adjustable rotating speed of 0.05 to 1.2 RPM to easily adjust the desired speed. The height range is 48" to 96" and adjustment can be done in 6" increments and decrements. The ground capacity of the equipment is 1,500 Amps and the power requirement is 480 or 208 V, 3-ph. The total mass of this positioner is 5,000 lb excluding the gripper. LJ also offers several customization options with this product too.


LJ’s 12,000 lb Pipe Turning Positioner Rental can consistently provide high-quality welds since no overhead or vertical runs are involved. Furthermore, using our P12PS-100 rental reduces rejection rates and increases deposition rates with improved weld seam accessibility. It also lowers costs by reducing star stops and increases the welding productivity of oddly shaped parts. LJ's welding pipe positioners for lease are generally one of the best solutions to welding applications that involve cylindrical objects since they add comfort for the welder who must perform on odd-shaped parts, such as tubular pipelines.

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