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12,000 LB Gear Tilt Positioners Rentals


Loading capacity 12,000 lb
(at 12” overhung load)
Footprint 89"x 60"x 59"
Tilting Torque 250,000 in-lb
Tilting Speed 0.05-1.00 RPM
(135° in 23 seconds)
Height Adjustability 48"– 80" center height
adjustment in 4" increments
Table Diameter 52” T-Slot Plate
with 6 x 3/4” slots
Power Requirements 480V, 3-ph*
Rotation Speed 0.05–2.2 RPM
(Other speed options available)
Turning Torque 125,000 in-lb
Ground Capacity 1,500 Amps


Automate and increase welding productivity of
cumbersome, heavy work pieces.


12,000 lb Gear Tilt Positioners Rental supports up to 6 tons at 0” to 12” overhung load. Workpiece manipulation is possible by tilting, rotating or lifting, giving the operator control and performance simplicity. The T12PS-100 rental option has an 89”x 60”x 59” footprint. Its tilting torque of up to 250,000 lb. allows for effortless tilting of heavy workpieces at varying angles of up to 135° in 23 seconds. This sturdy torque gives you a tilting speed ranging from 0.05 to 1.00 rotations per minute (RPM). The machine also features plenty of accessories to boost functionality and customize it to your shop’s requirements.


LJ's 12,000 lb Gear Tilt Positioners Rental with a gear tilt generally enhances worker safety, increases accessibility and improves weld quality. Using LJ’s T12PS-100 rental positioner allows the operator to easily position the weld into the most optimal hand welding positions. Another benefit is that it helps to increase accessibility, weld quality and productivity & operator safety. Moreover, it lowers operating costs, improves weld productivity and reduces the time and effort required by the welder while working.

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