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20-Ton Height Adjustable Tank Roller Rentals


Loading capacity Driver: 20,000 lb
Idler: 20,000 lb
Vessel Diameter Range 1' – 14'
Footprint 113"x 44"x 33"
Height Adjustability (top of wheel) 27"– 45" ; Adjustable in 3" increments
Tractive Effort Dual Drive 6,000 lb
Output Torque 50,000 in-lb
Power Requirements 240V 1-ph or 480V, 3-ph*
Operation Speed Range 5-50 in/min



Ease of welding using height adjusts for optimal weld performance


Faster cycle times from reduced changeover effort


LJ’s 20-Ton Height-Adjustable Tank Roller Rental can handle pipes of different sizes, precisely within a range of 1' - 14'. The work objects can be also lowered and lifted in a range from 27" to 45". The loading capacity reaches 20 tons which are distributed on the driver and idler. 10TRV-500/600 rental model can perform an output torque of 50,000 in-lb and rotation speed up to 50 in/min. LJ Welding also offers options and additional accessories that can be added to a tank turning roll. It includes a variety of hand pendants, footswitches or casters. Additionally, we offer upgrade possibilities for controls and custom height options for our customers.


LJ's 20-Ton Height-Adjustable Tank Roller Rentals provide life service longevity and durability. They are designed to perform heavy-duty applications that include pipes, boilers or other cylindrical objects while keeping the centerline and protecting them from damage using polyurethane rolls. Usage of the 10TRV-500/600 rental model essentially improves the plant efficiency, reduces worker fatigue and maximizes the quality of welds using synchronized rotation.

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