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12" 800 Amps Portable Benchtop Positioner Rentals


Loading Capacity 1000 lb (at chuck face)
Footprint 22"x 23"x 25"

Power Requirements

110V, 1-ph*
Speed Range 0.5–5 RPM
Turning Torque 3,000 in-lb
Table 12" OD table, 12" chuck optional
Ground Capacity 800 Amps
Thru-Bore 3/8" hollow spindle c/w air purge fitting
Range of Operation Hand crank self locking worm gear tilt feature -5° – 105° range c/w angle gauge
Equipment Mass Positioner: 280 lbs, Chuck 110 lbs


LJ’s Welding Benchtop Positioners serve as assisting tools for projects involving pipe and tube assemblies. They help welders to perform welding in more comfortable positions instead of moving and maneuvering around the workpiece.


The 12" 800 Amps Portable Benchtop Positioner Rental is a sturdy 12” outer diameter (OD) portable floor model benchtop welding positioner. It’s built to suit the making of cylindrical welding items such as pipe fittings and exhaust components. This positioner is ideal for spooling fabrication of lighter weldments. With a load weight capacity of 1,000 lb. at the chuck face, 12P-900 rental best suits lighter weight welding tasks. It offers both rotation and tilt of workpieces. Consistent rotation speed is made possible through its powerful 3,000 in-lb. turning torque. It offers a flawless variable rotation speed ranging from 0.5 to 5 rotations per minute (RPM). Its 12” OD turntable is compatible with a 12” chuck. The table also has concentric grooves to ease the central positioning of the workpiece. The portable pipe turning positioner has a custom tilt range to suit your own needs.


Our 12" 800 Amps Portable Benchtop Positioner Rental has its uses for grinding, chipping or other welding applications that involve circular movements. Our benchtop positioners provide extraordinary capabilities of positioning the workpieces using a compact frame that can be easily mounted almost anywhere. Our 12P-900 for rent is used in applications concerning MIG and TIG welding. It allows the operator to make down-hand welds for fast, smooth welding. 12P-900 rental also gives welders an option to deposit more metal with fewer passes. Other benefits include the compatibility to work with lightweight or heavyweight parts and components.

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