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12" 400 Amps Thru-Bore Positioner Rentals


Loading Capacity 1000 lb (at chuck face)
Footprint 26"x 26"x 26"

Power Requirements

110V, 1-ph*
Speed Range 0.45–4.5 RPM
Turning Torque 3,000 in-lb
Table 12" OD table, 12" chuck optional
Ground Capacity 200 Amps or 400 Amps
Thru-Bore 3" hollow thru-bore
Range of Operation Hand crank self locking worm gear tilt feature -5° – 105° range c/w angle gauge
Equipment Mass Positioner: 190 lb, Chuck 110 lb


LJ’s Welding Benchtop Positioners serve as assisting tools for projects involving pipe and tube assemblies. They help welders to perform welding in more comfortable positions instead of moving and maneuvering around the workpiece.


The operation range of 12" 400 Amps Thru-Bore Positioner Rental is also versatile. It offers a hand crank self-locking worm gear with a tilt feature. This has a c/w angle gauge ranging between 5° and 100°. The equipment has been built with consideration of the end user’s safety, comfort and convenience in mind. The 12P-800 rentals offer two options of ground capacity. Operators can choose the 200 Amps or the 400 Amps ground capacity. The equipment’s mass is 190 lb. with its chuck weighing 110 lb (300 lb total). This thru-bore positioner runs on standard power input of 110V, 1-ph but can be customized upon request.


The 12" 400 Amps Thru-Bore Positioner Rental is a versatile thru-bore portable weld positioner. It’s built to enhance productivity in lighter duty fabrication tasks in your welding shop. Our Benchtop Positioner 12P-800 provides excellent capabilities of positioning the workpieces using a compact frame which can be easily positioned using our 12LT-200 rentals Scissor Lift Cart. Its consistent speed range allows operators to highly control and smooth welds. Additionally, our 12P-800 for rent provides compatibility with lightweight or heavyweight parts and components. 12P-800 also takes advantage of various grippers, chucks and other accessories manufactured by LJ.

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