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Fully Automated B-Pressure Robotic Welding Cell Demonstration 

Featuring the 12P-800, 30P-200 Pipe Welding Positioner, T12PS-100 Gear Tilt Welding Positioner & Kuka Robot

Fronius CMT Twine Wire Welding Robot Demo & Review from LJ Welding Automation on Vimeo.

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Customer Robotic Welding Feedback

"A fully automated Kuka welding robot was installed with laser seam tracking in order to provide adaptation to weld joints and geometries. This allows the weld robot to adapt to changes in the groove to achieve a consistent high quality weld, regardless of the operator's welding skill level. The welds are above and beyond what we had before."

Aubrey C
MR Technical Services, Production Team Leader, GE Healthcare
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