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12' x 12' GMAW Column & Boom Manipulator Rentals


Load Capacity (at Boom End) 500 lb
Boom Stroke 144”
Column Stroke 144"
Power Requirements 480V 3-ph*
Equipment Mass 9,000 lb

*208 - 600V, 50 or 60 Hz input power options available


Control platform (Joystick or fully integrated touchscreen options)
SAW or GMAW welding systems (Single, Twin, or Tandem wire)
Cold Wire TIG Systems
Powered cross slides (1 or 2 axis)
Weld Camera systems (SAW or Open Arc)
Seam Tracking (Vision/Laser or Tactile/Mechanical)
Travel Car (Powered or Manual)
Pre-heating system (Rolling Induction Heater)
Flux Recovery and delivery systems
Dual SAW or MIG/SAW set-ups


LJ’s Column & Boom Manipulators are used in applications of automated welding, where precision and efficiency are necessary. They provide weld boom stiffness, welding head stability, operator controls, and ease of use as key driving factors


Our 12' x 12' SubArc Column & Boom Manipulator Rental MN12-300 has a loading capacity of 500 lb at boom end, boom stroke of 132" and column stroke of 144". This machine has built-in column/boom welding seam trackers with laser vision tracking and a laser sensor. It also has camera systems that monitor and record all open arc welding processes including MIG, MAG, TIG, Plasma, laser and stick welding. We also offer a wide selection of accessories and options available depending on the customer's request and need. As far as the welding source options are concerned, we offer submerged arc (SAW), MIG, or a solution to the customer’s specification. We also offer control upgrades including full integration to LJ welding positioners or turning rolls through HMI touchscreens and master PLC.


LJ’s 12' x 12' SubArc Column & Boom Manipulator Rentals come with a modular construction that ensures 360-degrees radial accessibility to welding heads, covering vast areas in the shop. It is ideal for hard automation welding solutions and offers an advanced user interface that is easy to use. MN12-200 is a crucial tool for applications that involve automated welding of pipes and vessels. Moreover, MN12-300 maximizes productivity and efficiency. Lastly, it also reduces rework and scrap, and the final results aren't dependable on the skills of the operator since the whole process is automated.

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