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Automated GTAW (TIG)
Long & Girth Seam
Welding Manipulator


Introducing LJ’s Automated GTAW (TIG) Long & Girth Seam Welding Manipulator powered by EWM Tetrix 552 AC/DC with cooling unit. This unit uses a range of cutting edge technologies allowing operators to take full control over weld parameters and work with difficult materials.




LJ’s Automated GTAW Long & Girth Welding Manipulator is equipped with EWM TIG-MT automated and liquid-cooled welding torch, and EWM Tigspeed auto-wire feeder that provides consistent, continuous and oscillating wire feed for fast welding speed and deposition rates. One of the most sought after advantages of this unit is the capability to store an unlimited number of  welding applications, essentially decreasing the set up time. Moreover, the EWM’s power source of the unit also comes with a set of pre-programmed welding jobs.


The unit is capable of high quality GTAW welding speeds of up to 23 inches per minute. To be able to control the process at such speed, the unit is also equipped with LJ’s proprietary Tilt-Rotate-Pendulum Oscillator (TRPO) that allows full control over weld head settings and quick adjustment of rear mount camera or sensor. Moreover, the LJ’s Automated GTAW Long & Girth Welding Manipulator is powered with the Through-Arc Height Tracking (TAHT) that maintains a steady arc length throughout the weld, ensuring optimum weld quality.

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