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Cladding, Overlay
& Build Up System


LJ Welding Automation is introducing a new Super Duty Cladding, Build Up & Overlay Side-Beam/Gantry Manipulator. Besides being compatible with a variety of industry leading power sources, this unit is also capable of integrating turning rolls or positioners and can be customized to customer requirements.



LJ’s Super Duty Cladding, Build Up & Overlay Side-Beam/Gantry Manipulator is equipped with a precision, 3-axis, weld head control. The primary boom axis provides 30 feet or more of travel, up to 15 in/min with precision speed control. The secondary boom axis provides 41 inches of horizontal reach and lastly the vertical boom provides 48 inches of travel. When it comes to control, this unit is fitted with a HMI touch screen that allows for control over each axis of motion and full integration with the material handling system. The HMI control box also features industry-leading “topflight” tactile controls for more straightforward and simple handling. Moreover, the unit is equipped with the Through-Arc Height Tracking (TAHT) that maintains consistent arc lengths throughout build-up, overlay or cladding operations, ensuring optimum quality.


As far as the automation goes, the unit comes with pre-programmed recipes that allow for automated multiple passes for weld overlay, cladding or build-up applications. Common welding and control parameters can be accessed all on one screen making it easier for operators to take advantage of them. Some of the most sought after benefits of Super Duty Cladding, Build Up & Overlay Side-Beam/Gantry Manipulator are the fully programmable auto-indexing features for maximum quality and productivity, and automated progression from one welding layer to the next for uninterrupted build up. Lastly, in terms of other features, this unit’s step over parameters can be tuned precisely for consistent tie-in to previous pass while maintaining excellent weld quality during side step.

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