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Fully Automated Cladding Overlay Welding Cell Demonstration

Featuring A Custom Welding Positioner & Fixture With SAW Column and Boom Welding Manipulator.

LJ's customer drastically reduced a critical outsourcing expense for cladding overlay by automating the process in-house with a custom  LJ solution. The ROI quickly became apparent and they ordered a duplicate system. Watch the video below to see the welding manipulator and custom cladding positioner system. 

Do you have an expensive process that's currently getting outsourced, but not sure if it's worth taking in-house?

Is your shop less competitive because an automatable process is still using up your limited man-hours?

Customer Troubleshoot Support Experience

“Within five minutes of reporting a seam tracking issue, I received a text and email explaining how to correct the vision tracking system, including detailed screenshots indicating what parameters to adjust. In under ten minutes the welding robot was back up and running. We have other robotic cells in the facility and at times we would wait days for a response, even though those integrators are just minutes down the road. LJ provides unparalleled service.”

Aubrey C
MR Technical Services, Production Team Leader, GE Healthcare
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