Inside Diameter, Small Bore Submerged Arc Welding System



A steel pipe mill has invested in LJ’s small bore, inside welding system. This pipe mill needed a submerged arc welding (SAW) process that could weld inside of pipe down to 24” diameter, and with a reach of up to 50ft (15m) inside which required LJ’s specialized expertise. This required unique mechanical and controls features that allowed the boom to extend and retract using roller-guided assistance on the inside wall of the pipe, and utilized automatic height control for the welding torch, viewing cameras and HMI controls combined with tactile/joystick manual controls. The system can produce flawless submerged arc welds in relatively small diameter pipes and became part of their Double Submerged Arc Welding (DSAW) process, which is the preferred approach for joining pipes in high production pipe mills. DSAW is a process where 2 pipes or vessels are aligned, fit up and tacked in a butt joint (i.e. no bevel) configuration, and then a weld is performed on both the inside and outside diameters, often in a single pass each side. The end result is efficient fit up times, minimized cycle times, minimized consumable material use, and the most economical possible method for joining pipe.

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