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Welding Manipulators
For Rent

LJ's Column and Boom Manipulators and Gantry Beam Welding Systems For Rent operate precisely on large vessels with their nearly vibrationless boom and automatic welding heads. See how LJ's automated welding systems and heavy-duty rental equipment can help you today.

tank fit up rolls

Turning Rolls
For Rent

LJ's Tank Turning Rolls For Rent is essential for light and heavy-duty pipe or vessel welding applications. We design, build and rent turning rolls that will help you work safely and efficiently.

Welding Jack Stands, Tripods
& Pipe Support Stands Rentals

Welding pipe stands are sed for rolling and supporting pipe and handling pipe safely and efficiently. LJ pipe stands
are typically used as rolling pipe supports in conjunction with welding positioner and column and boom manipulator
application. LJ offers a wide range of roller pipe support stand options for any pipe diameter and weight.


Rent welding positioners,
for every application

Transform your welding outputs and expand your shop productivity with LJ's Welding Positioner Rentals. LJ Welding Automation designs manufactures and rents custom pipe welding positioners and welding rotating tables that suit a variety of pipe handling applications.


Lease Welding Positioner Accessories

See how LJ's automated welding systems and customized positioner accessories for heavy-duty welding solutions can help you today.


Cable Reel Roller

Cable Reel Rollers Rentals are used for rolling large cable spools, for payout, unwinding and take-up of heavy cable. LJ engineers & manufactures cable reel rollers to any capacity or specification required

Rent Pipeline Roller Equipment

Pipeline rollers are designed to protect, support, and guide a pipeline section during river and road crossings. Pipe guide rollers help minimize drag forces of pipe-pulling through horizontally drilled or bored holes. LJ provides Pipeline Roller Equipment Rentals for applications from light walled HDPE piping up to heavy-walled steel pipe with great capacities.


Beam Clamp Rigging Rollers
For Lease

Lease LJ's Beam Clamp Rollers and expand your shop productivity. Pipe rigging rollers are used for a variety of applications, in particular for the installation of pipe into racks at refineries, power plants, and other industrial facilities.


Lease Pipe Rigging
Jacks & Hangers

LJ Welding's Pipe Lifting Jacks and Pipe Hanger For Lease are easy to use,  cost-effective and simple unit that makes pipe rack installations and repairs more efficient.