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Our welding pipe positioner 30P-200 is an excellent solution for your complex welding needs. It allows you to rotate and lift heavy workpieces with stability control. Be it down hand welding or automatic, it will be of great use for any application.

Our welding pipe positioner 30P-200 is ideal for workpieces that rotate about a horizontal axis and require support from one or two ends. It features extra heavy-duty worm gear, dynamic braking, and brake rotors. Together, these components ensure smoother control of the rotating movement along with enhanced stability and accessibility to significantly enhance welding quality. It also aids in improving the safety and productivity of the operators. This pipe welding positioner also ensures repeatable quality between batches and operators. Additionally, LJ’s pipe welding positioners greatly enhance productivity when welding pipe, shafts, wheels, elbows, and other fittings. Along with welding turntables, pipe welding positioners are particularly useful when rotating or positioning workpieces with large offset loads

Our welding positioner 30P-200 has a load capacity of 2.7 tons and a turning torque of 40,000 in-lbs. It is made from fabricated steel, provides height adjustability from 33" to 69" in 4" increments. The wide height range of the positioner aids in larger swing clearances. Apart from the height, the rotation speed of the positioner is adjustable also and can be adjusted between 0.2 to 2.4 RPM. We also offer optional accessories with this pipe turning positioner, like bidirectional cabled and wireless pendant with digital readout. On request, LJ can also offer variable speed style footswitches. For holding the workpieces, grippers, chucks and other specialty fixtures are available too.

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