3,000 lb Load Capacity Pipe Turning Welding Positioner - 16P-700

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Our pipe welding positioners are an excellent solution if your job involves handling heavy workpieces. Using LJ’s 16P-700 allows you to adjust the rotating speed, height, and angle of the workpiece.

Our welding pipe positioner 16P-700 prevents worker fatigue and increases productivity due to the lack of worker movement. This positioner also tends to provide consistently high-quality welds since no overhead or vertical runs are involved. Additionally, LJ’s pipe welding positioners greatly enhance productivity when welding pipe, shafts, wheels, elbows, and other fittings. Using our 16P-700 pipe welding positioner also lowers the manufacturing costs by limiting welding start-stops as well as increasing welding speeds and deposition rates.

LJ’s welding pipe positioner 16P-700 is a device that rotates around a 360° spin that allows a welder to stand in one position and constantly work on a level surface. Its loading capacity is 1.5 tons at the mounting plate and turning torque is 20,000 in-lbs with optional add-on counterweight, making it an excellent choice for wide range welding jobs. While the positioner is ideal for larger weldments, it is still very compact. It measures 72” x 42” x 77” and the total mass of the equipment excluding the gripper is 1,820 lbs. You can adjust the height of the positioner between 45” and 69” in 4” increments. Its rotation speed range is between 0.3-3.0 RPM to make sure that you are able to work with the utmost convenience.

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