4,000 lb Roller Pipe Supports (Welding Pipe Stands) HDJ2C-100

4,000 lb Pipe Support Roller Stands HDJ2C-100

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Load Capacity 4,000 lbs
Diameter Range 2”–36”
Height Range 27 " - 39 "
Footprint 38” x 24” x 28” (top of wheel)
Equipment Mass 191 lbs
Available Accessories Roller Tops: roller wheels (urethane, steel or custom material), multidirectional roller ball transfers, vee-rollers, flat rollers

Sawhorse Tops: flat bolt on style top to convert to sawhorse
Vee Tops: Vee-style for stationary vee-block style support

Base Options: flat self leveling feet, vee or rail mount casters, swivel style casters with brakes, or to customer requirement, roller frames to mount multiple roller stand supports to