4,000 lb Pipe Support Roller Stands HDJ2C-100

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LJ's geared, height-adjustable pipe stands with roller base offer height adjustability under load providing the maximum mobility in your shop

Our roller base pipe stands HDJ2C-100 with geared height adjustability performs highly precise rotations for pipe fabrication and only requires minimal floor space to operate properly. Other benefits our roller base pipe stands offer are quick vertical height adjustments that lower material handling time and effort, faster overall production, and smoother welds. We also use urethane rollers, which protect pipes from scarring and minimize drag forces, reducing demand for additional equipment on the job site. Overall, our pipe stands are the ideal solution for heavy-duty pipe handling, in the workshop, or for site applications.

LJ’s roller base pipe stand HDJ2C-100 is popular thanks to its ease of movement, relatively small footprint, and large loading capacity given its size. The loading capacity goes up to 2 tons with a diameter ranging from 2” to 36”. Our roller base pipe stand also provides height adjustability controlled by gears, that ranges from 27" to 39". We also offer customization, various options, and additionals. This, for instance, includes urethane, steel or custom material roller tops, multidirectional roller ball transfers, vee-rollers, or flat rollers. 

We, in LJ Welding, try to bring you the best products that satisfy your demands, so make sure to look at our other roller base pipe stands with a load capacity of 5 tons e.g. HDJ5C-100 if you’re looking for turning rolls with different specs.